*And by "babies" we mean actual babies, puppies, kittens, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, houseplants or anything else that makes you smile!

Customize GiggleBop with images of
your Babies*

GiggleBop lets you play with your kids, even when they are not around.

the Game

  • tilt your device, get the babies to bump for points
  • customize the game with images from your photo library or camera
  • babies giggle when they bump into each other
  • two difficulty levels
  • hours of fun, three minutes at a time

the Fun Part

You already have a million adorable pictures of your kids or cats or other loved ones in your Photo Library. GiggleBop lets you put those pictures into the game itself!

Build Your Babies

Zoom in on just the right adorable face. If your device has a camera and you somehow don't already have tons of pictures of your Babies*, you can use the camera to add that lovely face right into the game.


What is the deal with the red and green blocks?
The blocks are simply obstacles. Some people have figured out a way to use them to help get the babies to bump into each other. If you turn out to be one of those people, congratulations! You are a problem solver!

Can I get rid of the red and green blocks?
Yes. Setting the difficulty to Easy in the main menu will remove the blocks. (Your game will restart).

Main menu? what main menu? How do I get to the menu?
Good question! Pressing the little white button with the "i" in it on the game screen will move you to the main menu.

Configuring the Game

How do I reset the high score?
You cannot reset the high score in this version of GiggleBop.

My photo keeps moving down a little bit when I let it go.
We plan to fix that and an update will be released soon. In the meantime, try zooming your image a little bit larger so it will stay in the red target area.

Can I send a photo of one of my adorable babies to someone else?
Well, not from within the game, but you can email them a photo from your photo library and they can add it to their game themselves. Here is a link to some instructions for emailing photos.

The photo isn't moving in Build Your Babies.
Try using two fingers on the image and zoom it a little by moving your two fingers apart while they are touching the screen. This will wake up the image so you can center it within the red box.